Tips on Redesigning Your Website

August 2, 2021

Tips on Redesigning Your Website

Is your brand’s website not generating more traffic? It may be because your website appears to be outdated and boring.

If your brand’s website is not appealing and user-friendly, you may hurt your sales and reputation.

In business, your design makes the first impression on your customers. And it is crucial to make it a lasting one.

But Redesign does not mean to change your website’s appearance only. Instead, it refers to refreshing it with new touch-ups that help to attract your visitors and turn them into regular customers.

How to redesign your website effectively? Well, here are some tips on redesigning your website to drive more traffic and increase sales

1.   Redefine Your Goals and Strategy

But before redesigning your website, you need to ask yourself some questions:

●      Why do I need to redesign my website?

●      Which web pages need redesigning?

●      Who is my audience?

●      Do I need to increase SEO performance?

You need to formulate a new and effective strategy after answering these questions. Your objectives and preferences depend on the type of your website.

2.   Think Like a User

For an effective and successful redesign, you need to understand your target audience. For example, maybe the website looks terrific to you but foreign to the users.

Your website design should be attractive yet easy to use. Everything should be correctly aligned so the visitors can easily navigate around.

If your users can effortlessly search for the desired products and services on your web pages within a few clicks, then there are more chances that viewers will turn into your customers.

3.   Monitor Your Competitors

Search for top-rated websites that offer the same services or products as you do. Then, see why they are excelling more in the industry than others.

Monitoring your competitors helps you to improve your website a lot. But it does not mean that you merely copy them. Instead, analyze other websites and blend in some of your creativity.

4.   Keep a Balance Between Appearance and Information

Your website redesign should not only focus on visuals and aesthetics. It must convey the correct information about your brand and services.

Moreover, your web pages should not merely contain information presented bluntly. Instead, there should be an equilibrium between visuals and information.  

5.   Focus on Landing Pages

Landing pages contribute to your website’s first impressions. And a well-designed landing page will decide whether the user will stay on your website or not.

Focusing on landing pages more will help drive more traffic, rank your site on search engines, and generate more sales.

6.   Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

No doubt, millions of people search for products and services on their smartphones. Therefore, your website should be easier to read and navigate on a mobile.

The links and options must be big enough to be tapped by the finger. If your website is mobile-friendly, there is a higher chance of getting ranked on search engines and making your viewers stay longer.

To Wrap It All

Redesigning a website is a lengthy task that depends on efficiency and management. We offer modern tools and practical strategies to help you redesign to help you customize your needs.

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