How Intensive Social Media Marketing Can Help You Increase Conversions

July 1, 2021

With at least 3.81 billion people connected to social media platforms, businesses worldwide want to tap into the massive online population for branding and marketing purposes. Thus, social media marketing is currently one of the most significant ways to promote brand awareness, boost leads, and increase conversions.

But that’s all empty rhetoric if you cannot do it right at inception. Or, you probably already have a social media marketing plan which isn’t working for you or is just short of your expectations.

Some of the mistakes digital marketers do, include taking social media as a direct sales podium or taking the entire process as a platform for a popularity contest.

So, how would you use social media marketing to boost your conversions?

5 Ways on Using Social Media Marketing to Improve Conversion Rates

Write Clearly, and to be Understood

Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social online channel is a buzz of activities. There is a lot of communication and interactions, including from brands that are much bigger than yours.

How do you stand out from all the noise?

Yes. You need to communicate to be understood. Do not get carried away by your writing to the extent that you write to please yourself. You should write for your audience and keep it simple by being clear and crisp.

Also, ditch all the jargon words on your mind and use everyday vocabulary. Ideally, you don’t have to use “discourse” when “dialogue” can do, or “utilize” instead of “use”.

Being clear in your writing or communication also requires that you write first and then edit later. Writing and editing concurrently will limit your creativity and imaginations or push you into the dreaded writer's block.

Finally, always include a CTA. Of course, thousands or millions of online fans, followers, subscribers, or friends do not mean anything if you cannot turn that into leads and eventually convert the following into returning clients or customers. Of course, your CTA should equally be related to that particular social media content.

Promote User-Generated Content

Your marketing strategy could be short of expectations because you lack ideas for finding and generating good content.

Of course, a suitable digital marketing strategy relies on helpful content. Unlike physical businesses, you have an incredible opportunity to maximize the online reach and interactions with your online family.

Just like you would use Google Reviews, Yelp, or any other review platform before you try out a new eatery, your potential clients also require social prove to determine your brand's values and credibility. Reliable studies also indicate that up to 79% of buyers trust online reviews.

You can develop content ideas from your most popular tweets, Facebook posts with many likes, or testimonials from satisfied clients.

Doing this help with your branding and improves trust from undecided readers. Also, you can use these parameters to generate fresh and informative content ideas. And while doing these, use exciting headlines and evaluate your metrics from time to time.

Optimize Your Posts and Use Visuals and Hashtags to Enhance Posts

You are not going to make a single write-up and post it everywhere since every social media platform has a unique way of presenting content. YouTube will perform better with elaborate videos, while Facebook and Twitter interactions are more into written content.

Still, unlike a Facebook post that can contain thousands of words, a tweet will only accommodate a few characters. The implication of this is that you have to optimize your content for each network.

And even with this, it is important to use visuals and hashtags to enhance your interactions. You can opt for stock photos or use armature videos, pictures, and GIFs.

Boost Top-Performing Content

Any post or video with outstanding interactions is a good resource for your branding. You can use your money on ads and boot it for a better reach. When choosing what to boost and what to ignore, do not use views as a determinant for popularity. Instead, consider more serious engagements such as shares, likes, comments, or retweets.

Auto-boosting your content will save you time and improve your conversions.

Whether you choose to boost your popular posts or not, these posts can still be strategic for your branding and general marketing. Give them some time and then repurpose and re-share them.

Tweak them a bit so that they sound or look new before sharing. Although you can do something about the wording, a picture or video will also make a difference.

Customize Your Landing Pages

Your page or social media handles have an impressive engagement. So what? All the likes, shares, views, comments, and retweets do not mean anything if you cannot transform the leads to returning customers.

Thus, the final step of the social media marketing strategy relies on the kind of landing pages that you direct your readers to. Ensure that your links direct your readers to the right landing pages.

You may also need to customize your landing pages properly to ensure they are relevant to your social media content. You do not want to disappoint your leads.

Following these five steps is crucial to your branding. However, with more than 80% of social media users accessing the internet via mobile devices, make your website mobile-friendly. Besides, Google gives priority to mobile compatible sites.

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