How Branding Can Help You Increase Conversions

August 24, 2021

How Branding Can Help Increase Conversions

Like the completion around most physical businesses, the competition around digital enterprises is equally at its all-time highest level. Thus, B2B and B2C businesses strive to attract more customers and convert them into a population that will consistently yearn for their products or services.

To achieve this, you need to make branding the core of your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many medium and small brands ignore the value of influencing their digital- website, social media, and app- visitors to become their loyal customers.

Still, even marketers who understand the value of converting visitors to returning clients do not know what the entire process entails. And when they luckily get here, they do not turn these customers into their brand advocates.

Ideally, brand positioning will reliably increase conversions. And among the brand positioning factors, look out for awareness, perceived value, and differentiation.

Of course, brand strengthening will inevitably improve conversions. But what are some of the most common mediums for boosting your brand and, in turn, improve conversions?

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand and Increase Conversions

First off, branding as a digital marketing strategy is a multifaceted process. It involves the identification, creation, and management of a range of assets and actions.  The primary objective of promoting a strong brand is to shape the perception of the brand’s stakeholders.

You can quickly strengthen your brand via the following mediums;

Social Media Marketing

Social media networks such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more are significant marketing resources. So, you can use your social media handles to build a brand that will help you boost conversions.

Ideally, likes and followers alone will not help your branding and marketing strategy. So, as you aim to amass a large following, also ensure that you work towards converting the following into your dedicated brand ambassadors.

Some efforts that will work wonders are;

·      Be consistent with creating engaging content for your social media fans and followers.

·      Provide social proof for your readers by using customer testimonials and endorsements for more trust and credibility.

·      Establish reliable associations and connections as this will boos4 brand perception and value.

·      Directly address concerns from clients on social media to boost trust, morale, and relationships.

·      Offer exciting promotions and discounts to your online family.

·      Include TCAs and links to landing pages of relevant links to improve conversions directly.

Content Marketing

Apart from social media marketing, content marketing is another way of strengthening your brand. You can potentially use content marketing or inbound marketing to engage, educate, and interact with potential consumers and brand ambassadors.

With about 4.66 billion internet users, your business has the potential to get discovered from the internet. And with the “content is king” slogan, you can only get it right if you can create the best content for your website, app, or YouTube channel.

You can brand your business as a resource and destination for information and products. Using high-quality blog posts, videos, visuals, ebooks, and other digital learning materials will your readers associate and identify with your brand.

However, good content without proper optimization means nothing. Promote your content for better reachability through link building, SEO, peer marketing, social media marketing, contextual link building, and social outreaches.

Authority Building

With every brand looking for ways to excel in its field, authority building is another online marketing strategy that will help you achieve this. Becoming a top brand in your spaces is essential for more conversions or sales.

Being an authority is akin to making people develop trust and the belief that you are up to the task in question. While we would all want to get our businesses there, ensuring that your business becomes a go-to brand is a process.

Some of the tactics you will need to are;

·      Connecting and securing endorsements from influencers within your industry.

·      Promoting your brand’s special selling points through online press releases and other forms of press coverage.

·      Find interview opportunities with reputable news channels and publications.

Analyzing Your Branding Efforts concerning Your Conversion Rates

Branding is an essential marketing strategy. However, the entire process is useless if you cannot reliably monitor and analyze your marketing activities. And for the record, branding is measurable.

The data you generate with your branding analytics provides you with insights on what is working and what is not working. Besides, it is from this data that you will know what to change, improve, and what to leave as it is.

You can monitor your links and brand mentions in relation to the number of conversions you make. This should give you the number of your referrals and their source. You will also need to analyze the effects of your social networks and their conversion rates.

Finally, monitor the conversions of any branded search or any branded content with high conversions. With all that, your analytics should provide you with an outline of your ensuing possible action or amendments.

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