Branding vs. Design

July 27, 2021

Branding Vs. Design

Do you want to revitalize your brand and keep it updated?

The things that you should be focusing more on are branding and designing. Refreshing your brand helps you attract more customers, making your brand stand out in the crowd.  

People often confuse both terminologies and use branding and design interchangeably. But they are entirely different terms. Design is a part of branding. They both contribute to the successful future of a business.

Which one do you need: rebranding or redesign? For this, you need to understand the difference between branding and design.

What is Branding?

Branding decides how your customers perceive you. It builds up your reputation.

Spending money on building, personnel, and equipment is impractical and pointless if your brand does not have a good reputation among consumers.

Branding is all about putting your customers first. For successful branding, apply the following rule in your business: “Customer is God.”

Branding consists of different techniques and tactics, and redesign is one of them. Other strategies include:

●      Determine and focus on your target audience.

●      Pick a unique logo and slogan.

●      Be consistent in branding.

●      Keep a check on your competitors and how you can beat them.

Why Do You Need Branding Services?

When you consider rebranding your brand, you may get confused, especially if your startup is new. Opting for a professional company that provides branding services can make everything easier.

Crafted offers exclusive services to help you in rebranding your business and organization. We help our customers to:

1.   Stand Out in a Competitive Market

You might be overwhelmed by the saturated market. There are dozens of companies offering the services that you provide. But professional rebranding enables you to adopt a clear purpose and stand out in the crowd. As a result, customers will prefer choosing you over others.

2.   Earn Credibility

The first impression is the last. If you appear to be an expert in your field with a clear brand, your customers will trust you more.

3.   Save Both Cash and Time in the Long Run!

You need to be careful with your budget when running a small business. If you opt for a cheaper solution, you may have to rebrand several times until you achieve your desired goal. Therefore, the best way to go about is to go for better and worthy rebranding services.

What is Design?

Design refers to the appearance of your brand’s website and products. The redesign is an essential part of branding. It includes:

●      Layout

●      Logo design

●      Taglines

●      Call to action

●      Imagery

●      Topography

Why Should You Redesign Your Website?

Your website should reflect your brand for a better user experience.

Redesigning services help to make your website more attractive and easier to navigate. Consequently, you can generate more leads, create brand awareness, improve website usability and SEO.

The Bottom Line

Is your website not getting much traffic? Then, you probably need to rebrand and redesign your business.

With years of experience, we provide branding services that enable your brand to communicate feelings to your customers.

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